Weekly recap + Sunday, Funday?

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Hey lovely friends,

Today it is Sunday and I must say, I adore Sundays. On Sundays I pretend that I have some free time, which I actually really don’t have, and I spend some time with myself. Today I went hiking through the forrest and now I am back at home and I am working on my website, creating content for the upcoming week, replying emails, and interviewing travellovers for my #TOTD tag. [press here for more info on the #TOTD]

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Yes, even on my Sunday it is work, work, work.
I bought this new diary for ’14/’15 at a Dutch Department Store called ‘De Bijenkorf’. [click here for their website]

Since I have an obsession with cats, this was the perfect diary for me to keep up all my appointments and 2 do lists.

Foto 5     Foto 6

I also have a major crush on my new Run DMC  baggy sweater by H&M. I love how colorful and bright it is and it is soooooo extremely comfy.. It is the perfect Sunday Sweater ❤Foto 7foto2

Weekly Recap:

I had an amazing week. Full of appointments and reviews. One of my fave things of the passed week was my visit at the beautiful and luxurious 5 star Mainport Design Hotel, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My review about this beautiful place is available here: click

Foto op 12-08-14 om 13.45

I also started with my own travel project: The #TOTD (Traveler of the Day) tag and I am happy to say that I already featured 4 IG Friends, well actually 5 their is also one duo.

You can read these back here:

#TOTD: Click

Well, I am going to continue working. And when I am done I would like to watch a Rom-Com before sleeping. Or just a little Chuck and Blair drama.

Or…if you have any tips for me for a serie/movie…LET ME KNOW ! ❤

I wish you guys a lovely Sunday!

With Love,


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