My California Dream <3

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-16 om 18.11.24

Hey my lovely friends,

We all have those ‘Travel Dreams’ right? I know I have a gazillion of them.
I have travelled a lot and I hope I can continue traveling a lot.
One of the travels that I would love to do is a road trip through out the US.
One of the routes I would love to take is a road trip alongside the California Coast.

Big Sur Coast Of California    Northern-California-Coast

I must admit, I have a fear of driving long distances, but for this road trip I would try my best to get over this fear. The Cali Coast is so beautiful, maybe even more beautiful than I can imagine.

The dream is to do this road trip with my girlfriends and have one of those cool decorated busses. Those colorful hippie busses where you can keep your surfboards on top of the bus and your ‘bed’ inside the bus. OH-EM-GEE, this is such a dream of mine, am I the only one that wants to do this? Haha.

I went online and searched for some inspo for these busses and I found some cool ones that I wanted to share for you guys:






I love the happy vibe that all of these busses have. Can you imagine, touring around in one of these badboys, along one of the most beautiful coast lines of the States. Feeling the freedom, letting the wind blow through your hair and living life to the fullest.

Who is with me?
The first bus is definitely my fave from this selection, which one is yours? 

With Love,


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