5 star Dashing Design hotel Mainport in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Hey lovely friends !

As promised today I will post my review about my stay at the Mainport Design Hotel in Rotterdam. I loved this hotel so much that I have decided to post several posts about this beautiful venue.

This one will be based on my own experiences, my stay and the over all experience. I will also write an article about some special elements of this gorg venue because I was honestly stunned with all the little details in this hotel.

Mainport 3273

Dobe Globe loves:

– The convenient location of the Mainport hotel
– The open and spacious entrance hall
– The international allure of this Dutch hotel
– The way the theme of Rotterdam and the World continents are combined
– The large floor to ceiling windows throughout the entire hotel
– The big breakfast buffet
– The very comfortable bed
– The sauna and jacuzzi in the Waterfront Spa room
– The design details in the room
– The travel journey guestbook they have in all the rooms

Mainport 1359

The Mainport Design Hotel is located in the city center of Rotterdam. It is very conveniently to reach by car or public transportation. The hotel has a garage where you can park your vehicle and public transportation wise, the metro that you can take from the central station of Rotterdam stops exactly in front of the Mainport Design Hotel. This ride only take about 5 minutes and the stop at the hotel is called ‘Leuvehaven’.

When I entered the hotel the first thing I noticed is the big and spacious entrance hall. On the immediate right side I was greeted by the doorman. I went to the gorgeous reception and I immediately fell in love with their big wall where a world map is portrayed. All of the staff that I have had an interaction with in this hotel is extremely friendly and as you can see in the picture below they are all smiles and friendly 24/7. And no, this picture is not staged. They really are very nice and friendly : ) IMG_7719

I checked in, received all my information and was guided by the doorman to my room. I stayed at room 664 in a Waterfront Spa room on the 6th floor. The big eye-catcher of this room is the big jaccuzi near the window where you can take a bath while you are enjoying the gorgeous view of the city of Rotterdam. And the jacuzzi is not the only reason why this is called a ‘Spa’ room. You also have your own private sauna in your bathroom that fits up to 2 people. I have sat in the sauna for quite some time in the middle of the night when I was done working on my article. And I must tell you, having the luxury of having a relax-sesh in the middle of the night in your private sauna is priceless!

Mainport 8627

I love every one of the small details in this room and even in the sauna. The set up of this bucket and delicious smelling oil is just perfect. I love how they even thought of putting a nice scented oil in the sauna.


Also a luxury detail in the beautiful bathroom, there is a T.V ‘inside’ the mirror as you can see in the picture below. So while you are brushing your teeth, putting on your make up, shaving your beard or what ever you decide to do in front of the mirror : ) you can watch the telly. You never have to miss the news or your fave show now. Isn’t that just very considerate of the Mainport hotel? Yes, like I mentioned before and will probably mention a few times more, it is all in the details.

Mainport 1262

They also use only the finest products for their toiletries. Therefor they chose to collaborate with luxury brand
Malin+Goetz. I tried all the products that they offered and especially liked the Malin+Goetz peppermint shampoo!

IMG_7649So Back to the jacuzzi, I showed some pictures of this wonderful jacuzzi in a previous post but I have to share some pictures again because it is just A-MA-ZING !

Foto op 12-08-14 om 13.45

This jacuzzi is soooo lush! I fell in love with it and I secretly wished that I had this at home. It is perfect to sit and relax with your lover since it is huge and you will easily fit in the jacuzzi with your loved one. It is far more comfortable to hang out in a jacuzzi than a bathtub if you are with your lover. That is why I would recommend this room to all the honeymooners too. This room is definitely honeymoon and valentines day worthy : )

As you can see on the top right side of the picture below, you have a huge LCD Flatscreen TV so if you get bored with the view from the window, which I highly doubt, you can always turn on the telly and watch your fave show!IMG_7688


Behind the jacuzzi is the kingsize bed. This bed is specially designed for the Mainport hotel and it is huge! (2m-2.10m)  The bed is perfectly located in the room because when you wake up you have a perfect view since the bed is in the opposite of the huge windows. Wake up and enjoy the Rotterdam Skyline.


Mainport 1299

When talking about this room the term ‘A room with a view’ is often mentioned and I can understand why. Just take a look at the gorgeous pictures below!

IMG_7657 IMG_7658

The room of course also has a minibar:IMG_7653

And yes they have some very special items in their minibar. Other than the very luxurious IIly espresso machine they also have special item from the 50 Shades of Grey merchandise. I have stayed in a lot of hotels and villa’s worldwide but this was a first for me. I love how creative, inventive and daring the Mainport hotel is. This is such a cool item to have in your mini bar! Next to the FSOG box you can see condom, and no, not just any condom. This is a designerscondom. Seriously, I would even buy it for the packaging only. I have never seen a condompackage that looked so expensive and luxurious. There are those details again, I tell ya. I love it. IMG_7710

The Mainport Design Hotel also has a very beautiful Spa. Their spa is called Spa Heaven and I can understand why after having spend some time there. When you enter the Spa it immediately feels like you have entered heaven. The beautiful serene vibe overcomes you and you can enjoy the sauna or the Turkish Steam room. You can also book a massage or a hammam treatment. For more information press here:  click

The hotel also has a shared pool with club H2O from the  Intell Hotel which you can enter directly from the 8th floor where also the Spa Heaven is located. 1554634_273241196216175_1849904400932433719_n

As you can see at the picture on the left side they have beautiful and luxurious lounge chairs as well with a perfect view again of the city of Rotterdam.

So after your 15 minutes in the heat of the sauna you can take a rest, read some magazines that are provided, enjoy the view and enter the Turkish Steam room.

The treatment rooms are located behind these chairs. The Hamman room is gorge and I will definitely go back for a Hammam treatment any day soon!

This spa is different than other spa’s I have visited because non of the spa’s I have ever been at have these big windows. The floor to ceiling window concept is everywhere in the hotel and I am so happy that they also have these windows in Spa Heaven.

After you are done spa’ing and you want to go for a drink or have your dinner (or in the morning have your breakfast you can go to their trendy cocktailbar ‘on the Rocks’ or to their fabulous restaurant called ‘Down Under’

Cool thing about the name ‘Down Under’. Since the restaurant is literally located ‘Down Under’ the name is very well chosen.

Mainport 3293

I love how they decorated the space ‘Down Under’. The beautiful black combined with red and purple has that luxury feel to it. And the colored wall paper just is the perfect finishing touch!     Mainport 3301

Yes, they offer champagne during your breakfast, I mean, who could resist this?     IMG_7701

Healthy breakfast options:IMG_7703

And I also wanted to share some pictures with the beautiful entrance hall/lobby. It is very big and spacious and the minute you walk in it feels like you are in a 5 star hotel in NYC. I honestly don’t know hotels like these in the Netherlands. I am so pleased that the Netherlands has such a beautiful design 5 star hotel now !IMG_7712

Yes another world map in the lobby. I adore there theme. And have you seen those lamps, one word: AMAZING!IMG_7723

Love this chandelier-lamp deco, and have you seen the compass around it. I will write another article about the designer and architect of this hotel because it really deserves a separate post! IMG_7724 IMG_7725

A bed in the lobby? Sure, why not !IMG_7726 IMG_7730

And last but not least, I saw this chair in the lobby and I completely fell in love. Would totally want this chair in my own apartment. The pattern reminds me of my time in Tokyo and I absolutely love it.IMG_7731

This hotel is a must visit for all the design and luxury lovers, honeymooners, citytrippers and just everyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

The Mainport hotel also has a big ballroom downstairs that can be separated in several different areas where you can host your conference, wedding or meeting. For more information about this service press here: click

For more information about their facilities, rooms, prices , visit their website at : www.mainporthotel.com

I absolutely loved this venue and will go back for sure.

With love,


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  1. Hee!
    Ik heb je genomineerd voor The Liebster Blogawards. Kijk voor meer info in het artikel op m’n blog!
    Liefs, Danique

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