With love from the Mainport Hotel in Rotterdam!


Hey Lovelies !

OH-EM-GEE… I LOVE THIS HOTEL ! As I mentioned this morning I would spend the night at the amazing design Mainport Hotel in Rotterdam, [website link here] but I did not expect it to be this amazing. Sure, it looked great at the pictures that I have seen on their website but it is honestly a gazillion times more beautiful in real life. 

Foto op 12-08-14 om 13.45When I arrived at the hotel this early afternoon I was already very impressed with their huge and beautifully designed entrance hall. It is so beautiful and open and has really captured the vibe of the city of Rotterdam. Their from ‘ceiling to floor’ windows make the already huge space even more spacious and even from the ground floor you already have an amazing view of the Maas.

After I checked, I was guided to my room and it is gorge ! I have a perfect view of the Erasmus Bridge from my room and the view is just magnificent. Yes, the jacuzzi is as big as seen in the picture that I posted in this mornings post [check this mornings post here] and I am actually typing this post from the jacuzzi.

I took this pic before my jacuzzi relax session:Foto op 12-08-14 om 13.46 #2

I also explored the hotel a bit and saw several beautiful rooms. This hotel is a must visit for all the design lovers because every room is so special and decorated in an amazing way.

There is so much eye for detail in every little thing in this hotel. From the specially designed wallpapers in the room that fit the theme of the floor that you are staying on till jellybeans in cute little jars in the cocktail bar ‘On the Rocks’. And I can go on like this forever. Which I will actually do in another blog post that will be online tomorrow!

But since it is passed 1AM when I am typing this, I will turn in first and enjoy the beautiful kingsize bed behind me (see picture below)

And yes, I have already tried it out….it is extremely comfy so I am sure I will get a good rest!

Tomorrow I will post more pictures of my room and the hotel itself and all the beautiful features and facilities that this design hotel has to offer.

Foto op 12-08-14 om 13.46 #3

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Love you guys !


One thought on “With love from the Mainport Hotel in Rotterdam!

  1. It looks so pretty. I always love staying at nice hotels. The bed is the first thing I try out as soon as I get in the room.

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