Lets get personal


Hey sweeties,

It is time for a personal update again. First things first.

I received the news that Robin William has passed away. This saddens me because I adored this man. He is such a legend. His movies definitely have brightened up my days  many many many times.

And did you know that his voice is the voice of ‘Genie in Aladdin”Robin_Williams

A true talent and you will be missed.

Okay, having said that back to my reality. The thing that I love about life is the opportunity to travel a lot. At this moment still a lot between Asia and Europe but I would love to discover the other continents as well. Where one day I can sit at the beach in Bali and enjoy my beautiful sunset, the next day I can be on a plane to Europe for assignments.

Now I am back in Holland and I can’t wait to do some cool reviews for you guys. Today I will spend my night here:126418C8-9ACB-4AB7-87CAC82A7634BF2D
It looks so lovely and I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it later…

For those who are familiar with the Netherlands will probably recognize the city by the view from the window. That bridge is soooooo beautiful !

For now, I will pack my bags and hit the city. First I have to buy some stuff for my camera and than I will check in in this wonderful place.

I will keep you guys posted!

Love, xx

2 thoughts on “Lets get personal

    1. Wist je dat hij de stem van Genie in Aladdin was 😦 Heb er echt om gehuild vandaag…stom he…want ja.. ik ken hem niet..maar vind het gewoon zo tragisch ..

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