10 series to watch on a rainy lazy Sunday

Hey Friends!

For those of us that have a very busy midweek it is a great idea to relax in the weekends. Sometimes you just need to charge your own battery. I travel often and when I am jet lagged and it is raining outside I just want to relax inside with a cup of hot chocolate and a good serie ! My all time fave will always be SATC as you see in the picture above but there are many other great shows/ series that you can enjoy on your chill day!

I will share my faves with you guys! Some of these shows already ended, but that is even better. Than you can watch all the episodes as one big movie 🙂

Get your hot coco and your blankie, Enjoy !

2: 9021090210-season-3

I am an 80’s baby and I remember the original series of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’. It immediately made 90210 the most famous zipcode worldwide. Oh how much I loved the Dylan, Brenda and Kelly love triangle and drama. But did you know that there was made a remake of this show? Of course you did! Haha. 90210 aired for 6 years and it is basically the same story but in a different time. Small town family moves to 90210 and a whole new world opens up for them. Yes, there is plenty of drama and life triangles in this one as well, so definitely worth watching!

3: Breaking BadBreakingBad
If you are not in to the girly girl stuff I have another show I can recommend. However ‘recommend’ because I heard it was a great show. Until now I only saw 2 episodes but I am already hooked! Yes, I know, how is this possible? This show also already ended, how come did I only see 2 eps so far?

Well during the traveling and all I do not have that much time to watch series and when I do I often just put on a chickflick’ish kinda serie cause that is more my thing. But after many of my friends were telling me that Breaking Bad was an awesome serie I just, this morning watched 2 EPS and I can’t wait to finish this article and watch more. This serie actually inspired me to write this article!

4: Gossip Girlgossip-girl

This is one of these shows where I am actually upset that it has ended. The Upper East side has a part in my hart. The luxury events, the beautiful haute couture outfits that S and B were rocking each episode. The epic love story between Chuck and Blair. Yes, if you are in to NYC, Fashion and messy love stories this is definitely the show for you to watch !

5: Keeping up with the Kardashianskeeping-up-with-the-kardashians

Love them or hate them, we all know them. The ‘Kardashians’. With Kim as their biggest show pony. I must say, I am one of those people that love them. Their family life is quite similar to my own.
Everybody knows Kim and the way she got famous, her current relationship with Kanye and her cute baby Nori. But have you ever watched the beginning of this series. The first few seasons were so funny and it is cool to see how they developed their fashion styles.

6: The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirLogo_The_Fresh_Prince_of_Bel-Air

Willyyyy Smith! YEAH BUDDY! Must be one of my all time fave shows. I think all the 80’s and 90’s kid can rap the entire theme song from this amazeballs show. This is just a feel good show. If you want to watch fun telly, definitely watch some episodes of the Fresh Prince. Will is hilarious as we all know but don’t forget Carlton and his awesome dance to Tom Jones songs and that butler with his oneliners. This is the perfect show to watch on your lazy Sunday.

7: One Tree Hill

A show that will feel like you are watching your own friends. They all just feel so familiar. Another show about a small town with big things happening. It is cool to see how they all evolve, from high school students to grown ups with all beautiful careers in the fashion industry, music industry or in sports. This is definitely one of the best series ever made. It is really realistic and I love how all the characters have grown up and become the best versions of their selves. And of course their are plenty of hotties to enjoy in this show. HeartEyes

8: Suitssuits

Even if you don’t care about the great story lines of this magnificent show, watch it for the hot men and gorgeous women and their even more fabulous fashion styles. The suits, the dresses…OH MY GOD, I am drooling every time. I wish I had all those fab dresses that Donna, Rachel and Jessica are wearing and I hope that my future hubby will have at least one ‘Harvey Suit’.

9: Pretty Little Liars
Who is A? This serie is so funny because I am watching it from the first EP and the acting was sooooo incredibly bad. But I must say, a few seasons later the acting actually became decent. The story lines are not realistic but still it is a very entertaining show. 4 Pretty girls trying to find out who killed their bestie that actually is not dead. Yes, very confusing, but great for lazy sunday’s!

10: The Carrie Diaries

It was so hard to pick the 10th because there are so many other series that I love. For example Orange is the new black or Devious maids. But I chose The Carrie Diaries because I started this post with SATC and I thought it would be cool to end it with it’s spin off. The Carrie Diaries takes us back to the 80s where little Teen Carrie shows us how she was, lived and became ‘Big Carrie’ from SATC. I loved this show but it has been cancelled after 2 seasons. I do not understand why. Really sad about it. Probably due to low ratings but I wish they kept on making new eps. The 80s fashion is cool to see and it gives us more insight on our TV fashion bestie Carrie. But to all good things comes an end so unfortunately also to this series and post.

Which series are you currently watching? Give me tips for upcoming lazy sundays and rainy fall days : )

With Love,


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