Travel Musthaves: Best travel inspired phone cases !


Hey Friends,

Today I wanted to share with you guys some little travel related inspo!
I love everything about traveling, but also the huge line of merchandise that comes with this subject!
I am often on pinterest to find new travel must haves and I find a lot of cool travel phone cases!

These are all for iPhone but of course there are many other cases as well.
Just to get inspired, I wanted to share a few with you lovelies!

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did !

1: Bon Voyage


Viva La France ! This phone case is just so cool. The Eiffel Tower is awesomely created in a black ink and the passport stamps around it are just the perfect finishing touch for this case. I love how the Eiffel Tower is all black and the passport stamps are so colorful. Don’t you think this is a cool case?

2: Travel makes you richer


Quotes, quotes, quotes, I just can not get enough of them. And travel quotes really have a way to my heart. Yes, they are often corny and cliche but I still like them. And just read the one above, and it is made on a part of a world map. Perfection in my opinion!

3: The alchemist 


When you see the phone case above you might not immediately think of a ‘travel inspired phone case’ but  I just really loved the print. The color combination is amazing and the shape of a moon and the details of the moon are just amazing. There are industrial details but it also has an old fashioned vibe to it due to the man that sits inside the moon. I loved how this is done and it inspires me a lot! Somehow it also reminds me of the Alchemist and that is all about traveling !

4: Take me to the beach!


Yes, Another quote! The colors of this phone case are so serene and soothing. This is the perfect phone case for if you are traveling somewhere where there is a lot of sun! It has a light vibe to it and I just adore this one. The bold white letters and the faded back ground is perfect for the gypsy’s amongst us!

5: Eat, pray, love!


Another travel quoted phone case that looks amazing! Eat well and travel often. Two important things! And the quote is combined with a beautiful holliday’ish picture. I mean, what else can you want?

6: Brooklyn heights861976_13706438-caseiphone5_l

Okay, I must admit, I think this quote is a bit lame. Well, a bit too lame, but I just adore the colors of this phone case. The blue and pink shades are gorge and the buildings in the background are amazing. A beautiful skyline. Wouldn’t mind to have this phone case for my phone!

7: EDT


World maps have a key to my heart and this phone case has one on it so yes, I absolutely love it. EXPLORE-DREAM-TRAVEL. Sometimes less is more. These 3 words are just what life is all about!

7: Bitten by the travel bug


Another world map phone case! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And don’t we all have a bit of the travel bug within our hearts? That craving to travel, see the world, discover new places and to just live. Yes, this phone case is on my wish list.

8: Coco Paris


I would like to finish my inspo-post with this little black and white thing. It is so chique, so Paris!
If I would know where I could purchase this one I would immediately do it. This is just so cutezies, I adore it. And the little red heart with the ‘I

I hope you guys liked this post! Which one is your fave?

With love,

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