Smoothielicious Monday – Green Smoothie Recipe

IMG_6690Good morning friends!

How are you doing today? I am fine. I just woke up and it is time for my breakkie! Lately I am having a green smoothie for breakfast and I must say that I am loving this healthy start of the day. I immediately get an energy boost by this smoothie and today I want to share my recipe with you guys. It is honestly probably one of the easiest smoothies to make, everyone can have their green smoothie within 5 minutes!

32bec833a8a116cd4d586e1bbcad0845For those that are following me on Instagram, the picture above is like you know not a picture of today. I posted this about 2 weeks ago when I made this smoothie. I received so many questions about what was actually in the smoothie that I decided to share my easy but delicious recipe with you guys so here we go:


Recipe Green Smoothie 2/3 long drink glasses:
– 500 gram of fresh spinach
– 3 ripe banana’s
– 3 slices of pineapple as seen on the picture below
– 8 table spoons of fat free Greek yoghurt (or any other yoghurt that you prefer)

yoplait greek vanilla

Put all these ingredients in your blender for about 20 seconds and that is it !
I would recommend you to put the yoghurt first, at the bottom. In my experience that way all the ingredients blend better. I also did it differently one time, where I put the banana’s first, but then it got sticky and it did not blend well.

136694-600x474-Sliced-bananas pineapple


I am making this smoothie about 4 times a week and every time I drink it my tummy goes yummy!

It is healthy, delicious and very simple to make!

I hope you guys will enjoy this recipe!

With love,


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