Review: M.A.C Cosmetics Sharon and Kelly Osbourne Collection


Hey Friends,

This post is for all my beauty lovin’ followers! As some of you might know if you follow me on Instagram, I have attended the autumn/winter trend collection of M.A.C Cosmetics in Malaysia. This was so awesome to see. There was a make up artist from New York that was giving a presentation about these upcoming trends. It was so cool!

After worths I got a few presents in an awesome gift bag and these products were not available in stores yet. I also received some products from the Kelly and Sharon Osbourne collection.

One of these products that I will discuss is a lip product. The Sharon Osbourne lip patent polish pencil in the color Ruby.


First of all, I have to say, I tested other products from this line as well and I just love it!! The colors, the shades, it is so Osbournlicious! The colors really suit the personality’s of the Ladies Osbourne. Out of all the products I chose my fave lip patent polish from Sharon’s  line, Ruby Ruby Ruby, how beautiful you are. The color is amazing.

Down below you can find all the products from Sharons line! The one I am talking about is the 4th lip patentpolish!


The color is a deep bordeaux red color and the texture is shimmery and thick. It will leave a beautiful ruby shine on your lips and it is very suitable for fall/winter but also during the summer it is a perfect color to rock !

The color stays on for about 8-10 hours in my experience. I have had breakfast, my lunch and a smoothie in between these meals and I did not have to touch up my lips. The color stayed perfectly for most part of the day. LOVE IT !

I also swatched the color for you guys, see picture below. What do you think about this Ruby Color?

I also really like the packaging of this collection. The shape of the patent polish is so different then all the other products that M.A.C has. The beautiful bright red color pops out so you will never lose this lip product in your handbag. The color is so bright that it will always pop out ! IMG_1275

The lipstick on your left is also a newbie that is not in stores yet, at least, not in the European M.A.C. Stores and if you are curious for which one this is….come back tomorrow and I will post my review on this one !IMG_1256

What do you guys think of the Osbourne collection? Will you purchase some products?

Let’s get social!



With love,

Dobe Globe

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