Hotspot: Burgerz in Delft, The Netherlands


Hey Friends,

Today I will share another Hotspot with you in the beautiful city of Delft in the Netherlands. This place is a must visit for all the food-lovers and people that appreciate food that is prepared with fresh ingredients.
Burgerz is a chain in the Netherlands with 3 restaurants. One in The Hague, one in Scheveningen and one in Delft. I visited the one in Delft for my review.Likes:

  • The location is directly in the city center. And you can reach it within a 5 minute walk from the central train station of Delft
  • In the summer they have a boat in front of the restaurant where you can enjoy your meal and drinks outside while enjoying the beautiful scenery and nice weather
  • They have gluten free options on the menu
  • They have vegetarian options on the menu
  • Everything is freshly prepared and you can definitely taste this in their food
  • They have a cool mural that really represents their concept and the city of Delft


When I entered the restaurant the first thing that I immediately noticed was the beautiful mural on the wall which was made in the colors of the logo of Burgerz (mainly red, white and black). This suited the restaurant so well! I took a long look at it and I saw all kinds of elements that really fits the Burgerz brand and the art work is magnificent. The mural is made by Kwasten Met De Gasten and for more information about them and their artwork please also check out their website:



The day I visited it was a nice summery day and I decided to have my meal on their boat in front of the restaurant. This is such a unique possibility because not a lot of restaurants have the option to eat outside on a boat.

As you can see at the picture on the left side you will have a gorgeous view of all the surroundings!

The boat has a seating possibility of 50 people and you could also host your dinner party here as they are taking reservations for groups starting from 10 people++.

In my opinion this is the perfect place for a celebration because the location is great, the food is awesome and the service is good as well. Definitely something worth considering for those bday’s that are coming up! IMG_6945

As a starter I ordered the sweet oven potato fries with homemade aioli. The homemade potato fries where seasoned with fresh herbs and the taste was just wonderful. They were a bit crunchy on the outside and really soft on the inside. The aioli was perfectly in balance and went really well with the sweet oven potato’s.


If sweet potato’s are not your thing, do not worry. They have a lot of other starters that might fit your taste like nacho’s, fried onion rings with aioli, or some grilled chicken wings with a sauce of your choice.


For my main course I chose the Funky Cheese burger and it was a delicious choice. I chose to have my burger without a bun because I have a gluten allergy and I am not allowed to eat bread that contains gluten. They do offer gluten free bread only today, just my lock they were out of stock. However, I did get a nice salad because I could not have bread so this was a great compensation as well. IMG_6990

All the burgers on the menu come with a portion of french fries or you can chose the oven baked sweet potato’s, but since I already had these for my starter I went with the french fries.

What I specially loved about this specific burger, other than the delicious cheese, was their walnut-honey salsa you can see on the picture below. This salsa is perfectly created to go with this burger and all the different elements and tastes go really well together. Every bite I took was like a mini celebration in my mouth, I never knew that a burger could taste this good !

IMG_6984And as you can see in the picture below, the ‘side dish’ salad, to compensate the ‘no bread’ part was huge! They are definitely generous with their ingredients and portions!

IMG_6994What I also always like to do is watch what other people are eating to get inspired for my next visit. The lady next to me ordered the Pestorella Burger which came with buffalo mozzarella, tomato, grilled sera no ham and basil pesto and this one looked wonderful as well. Even though I did not taste this one I could smell the pesto from a small distance and it smelled so yummy! It is definitely a freshly made pesto and I can’t way to try this the next time I visit!IMG_6996

Since their are a lot of yummylicious burgers on this menu I can totally understand that you just want to try them all, like I do and you do not know which one to chose. Well, not to worry, the people at Burgerz thought about this too. You can also order 3 ‘mini burgers’, each of 50 gram that are chosen by the chef. These burgers are made of beef, lamb and chicken and are called the ‘Small Bite, Big Taste’.  Don’t they just look sooooooo gooooood?!


Burgerz has a great menu, they have gluten free and vegetation options on their menu and a overall big variety of dishes you can choose from. For their full menu press here: menu

And for more information visit their website:

Burgerz Delft
Oude Delft 113-115
T: 015-2123010 or 0900-BURGERZ (2.5 ct/minute)

Openings hours of their Kitchen:
Monday closed
Tuesday and Wednesday 17:00 to 21:00
Thursday and Friday 17:00 to 22:00
Saturday 12:00 to 22:00
Sunday 12:00 to 21:00


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