The 8 fictional TV-Show characters you want to be your Summerlove.


Hey Friends,

As I am reminiscing while watching my pics from my last Bali trip I came across a picture of my Summer Love. He is Gorgeous. Blond hair. Blue Eyes. Ripped body. A surfer. Superduper intelligent. Fun. – Do you get my point?
He was the perfect mix of Chris Hemsworth and Leonardo DiCaprio, 2 of my major Crushes. Ahh, what a lovely time we had! And it got my thinking, what if we would meet the guy of our fave series on our holiday. Can you imagine watching the sunset with your hottie from your fave TV-Show while sippin’ on an exotic cocktail?

Well, I certainly can!

These 8 boys would be the perfect Summer Lovers:

1: Harvey Specter – Suits


Harvey Specter, you jummy suited up hottie. You would be the perfect summer love in a city like NYC. He would pick you up in his town car, cause let’s b honest, limo’s are so 2002 and he would take you to the best restaurant in town. He would tell you how beautiful you look and he would lock eyes with you and would not even notice the beautiful waitress that just brought you the menu’s. He dresses impeccably and would buy you a fancy pansy designer dress when you have a date. He is a hands on kinda guy, you won’t have to do anything. He would go the extra mile, he likes to be in charge and with this man candy on your arms you would definitely have the time of your life !

2: Marshall Erikson – How I met your Mother


Marshall, you are so beautiful! You could be twinzies with Harvey, like seriously, look at them ! But how similar you are on the outside, the bigger the differ on the inside. You are a sweetie, not a badass. You would take your girl to the movies because you remember that she once said that she liked those kind of movies. You would save up the movie ticket and at the end of the romance, when you both have to part ways, you will give her that ticket and write her a letter where you explain that that night has changed your life. You are smitten with her and will keep in touch with her. And you, unlike your badass twinzie Harvie would actually keep writing your love and will visit her probably later on in the year. The perfect boyfriend for every destination on this earth !

3: Derek Morgan – Criminal Minds


Okay, let’s first take a minute to admire this picture above. Or wait, maybe 5? This dropdead gorgeous man is a sight for sore eyes. His body is a wonderland, it truly is and those eyes…Damn those eyes. While he would take you on a gazillion fun dates, nothing would matter to you because you will get lost in his beautiful brown eyes. He will wiser sweet words in your ear and tell you how gorgeous you are and how blessed he is with a stunner like you. Yea, Derek knows how to get down.  At some point, if you are really lucky, he will call you his baby girl and will kiss you pationately. Forget the beautiful beaches, with this hottie on your sight you probably would not leave your hotel room.

4: Caleb Rivers – Pretty Little Liars

Caleb, you sexy bad boy. Those eyes, that long hair, that mysterious look in his eyes. Whooo, is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Caleb is the best summer love for the girl that likes to be protected and taken care of. He will love you tenderly, but at the same time he would protect and defend you if needed. Cause he is that guy. He might act like he is a tough cookie but on the inside he is soft. He is not afraid to show you his vulnerable side as he knows that you get him. He will pick you up on his bike and take you all around the beautiful island where you guys are. He would offer you his helmet because he wants you to be safe. When you are walking down the beach he will wrap his arms around you and kiss you. He is not afraid to show you his affection. He is proud to be with a beautiful woman like you.

5: Seth Cohen – The OC


Seth Cohen might be the most fun summer loves of all these fine gents. He is the geeky and sweet boy from the Orange County and with his caring personality he will make sure that your happiness always comes first. He will take you to a concert of Panic at the Disco and you will dance the night away with him. After worths he will drive you home like a gent, kiss you goodnight. No, he won’t force himself upon you. He will say his goodbyes, but in the morning he will be back at your place to take you out for some breakfast. With his puppy brown eyes he will stare at you and he will make your heart weak. He will tell you jokes when he feels a bit awkward, which probably is 98% of the time. So be prepared to laugh your ass of, 24/7.

6: Killian Gardiner – The witches of East End


This Badboy will make the hairs on your neck stand up with just one look. His piercing blue eyes will penetrate deep in to your soul and he will have this hold on you that won’t pass quickly.
He is romantic at heart and will take you to lovely places. He would climb a mountain with you just so you would be in time to watch the sunset with him and after this sunset he would magically create a pick nick for you. You won’t have a clue how this picknick basket, the bottle of wine and glasses came up here at the mountain, because he was certainly not carrying it up here but you would not care. You would get lost in those eyes and you accept the ‘magic’. He is a warlock, a male witch, let’s not forget that. But you would surrender gladly to a handsome fella like him.

7: Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl


Chuck bass, or should we call you Charles? Naawh, let’s stay with Chuck, it sounds more frissskaaay. Chuck is the perfect BF/summerlove for in the city. He is a Harvey Specter in training. Smart in the way he dresses and up in the brains and incredibly handsome. Chuck will take you up on the Empire State building while having a box of your fave Godiva chocolates ready and some fancy wine from a vineyard in France that he flew over just for this occasion. He will tell you the 3 words-8 letters that you are dying to hear. He can be a bit difficult to read but once you are in, you are in for life. You will have is attention, love and most of all his wonderful heart.

Scott8: Lucas Scott – One Tree Hill

19979_Lucas Scott 7 - crop Lucas Scott would treat you so good you wouldn’t know what hit you. This romantic will go the extra mile to satisfy his lady. He will write you poetry, well forget poetry, he will write an entire book about you, his summer love who’m he had the best summer of his life with! And during your summer love he will treat you like a lady. He will pick you up in his red truck from Keiths shop and take you out for lunch in his moms cafe. He will introduce you to her cause he is so fond of you and he wants you to be close with his mum. Even though it is just a summer fling. For him you are more than that. He honestly loves you and every little thing that you do. He choses to be with you because he thinks that you are special. So special that he considers that you are worth writing about.
He will take you to a beautiful field where you 2 will watch the sky and the stars and fantasize about what you would do if you would live in the same country. And I must warn you, with Lucas Scott it is impossible to have just a summer fling so you might have found yourself a new BF ! He will chase you all around the world, cause when he finds that one special girl, he will fight for her and let her know that you are his world.

Yeah, I can fantasize quite a bit no? These are my top 8 guys for a summer fling, if I would had a ninth I would have put McDreamy in this list too!

What are yours?

Let me know

Love you X

One thought on “The 8 fictional TV-Show characters you want to be your Summerlove.

  1. Harvey Specter for sure!! And maybe Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries.. And Oliver Queen of Arrow.. And Nate of Gossip Girl.. And, and, and lots of more gorgoues men! Lol.

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