OOTD: Summer lovin’ at the Hamptons.


Hey Friends!

Today I would love to share this Outfit Of The Day with you guys. I called it this look the ‘Summer lovin’ at the Hamptons. But as you can clearly see, these pictures are not taken in the Hamptons, I should be so lucky.
I named this look the ‘Summer lovin’ at the Hamptons’ because this would definitely be a look that I would wear in the Hamptons while relaxing and feeling like a little princess!

What I am wearing:

  • A little white skater’ish dress in with a beautiful white pattern from Monki.
  • A golden coin necklace by H&M H&M
  • Nude sandals with silver accessories that I bought in a boutique in Bali
  • Mintgreen nail polish by Hema
  • A bracelet that I bought at vintage boutique at Notting Hill, London.





I lost a lot of detailed pictures because my camera card got formatted, but I will promise that I will give you more detail pics at my next OOTD!

What do you think about the outfit?

Love you,


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