My Travel Bucket List

godafoss_iceland-1539549Hey Friends,

How are you guys doing today? I am doing great ! Just came back from the bookstore and I spend quite some time at the travel book section. It is my fave section and I can sit
there for hours and look through all the beautifully illustrated travel books. You might think: Girl, just use google and the internet. But there is just somethings about books, don’t you think? I think I will always be a bit nerdy at heart.

As I was flipping the pages of dozens of books I realized that I never actually wrote down my Travel Bucket List so I decided to do that now and share it with you guys.
I decided to make a top 7 because I have to set some boundaries. If I didn’t the list would be too long.
Some of these trips are on my list for ages, some I just recently added. Want to know where I am dying to go?
Let me tell you…
1: Moscow, Russia 
The beautiful architecture, the monuments, the city. It all just speaks to me. A city with so much history. I would love to explore this city in the future !

2: Mývatn, Iceland

I have an obsession with Iceland. I love the nature and Iceland has some pretty great scenery. These waterfalls, the Godafossis amazing and I hope I get the chance to see them real life one fine day!


3: Reykjavik, Iceland

And while I am in Iceland I can’t not go to the capital city Reykjavik. Look at the beauty of this small little city. It looks like something from a Christmas move that airs on HBO. The snow, the lights. It just feels so romantic, and yes, If you are wondering, I am that girl.


4: Yosimite Park, East California, the States

Okay, secretly I want to go here because I would love to run in to yogi the bear. I heard he is a really nice bear as long as you don’t look him straight in to his big brown eyes. Haha. No but seriously, I would love to go camping, or in my case, glamping in this beautiful part of East Calli. The forrest, the woods, the lakes, it is all just breathtaking.


5: Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, do I need to explain? Just look at this beautiful picture below. To be there would be a real honor. That place is truly Gods gift to earth. It is AH-MAY-ZING!

Machu Picchu, Peru

6: Pamukkale, Turkey

Oh Turkey, how beautiful you are. It is a relatively undiscovered country and that is such a waste since Turkey is extremely beautiful. It has the best of all the worlds. You can go to the sunnier states for tanning sessions, to the capital city for some good shopping sessions but did you know that you could also go on your ski trip in the colder and snowy areas of Turkey? And another place that is amazingly beautiful is Pamukkale. This picture below is just a sight for soar eyes. It is beautiful and my goal is to visit Pamukkale somewhere this year!


7: Chicago, the States

Chi-Town. Yeah Buddy! I do not know so much of Chicago but don’t you have that one place that for some reason you really want to go to, but you can’t put your finger on the reason why. Chicago is that for me. Somehow, I think I would fit in there and could be very happy over there. I love everything that I know of the city so far and can’t wait to discover and explore more!


What is your top 7?
Let me know,

LOVE! xoxo


2 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. I totally understand your obsession with Iceland. I’m dying to go there. It looks like it is quite possibly the most beautiful place on Earth! Although Pamukkale is totally calling my name. That photo is amazing!

    1. Since we have the same taste in hotspots maybe we should travel together sometimes! 😀

      I love those spots, I could make a top 1000 of places I want to see lol, but I thought, for this post I will only post my current top 7 : )

      What are other places that you would love to go too?

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