50 shades of NAY


OH-EM-GEE! How disappointed I am. I just saw the trailer of 50 shades of grey, have you seen it? If not.. watch it down below:

press here for the trailer.

As you can see in the collage I made and posted on my personal FB way back in 2012 I begged the Hollywood producers to consider one of the guys aboveIMG_7165

At that time I said, and I take those words back, that I considered C. Hemsworth but that he could not pull this role off. I take my words back, I seriously do but it is too late. The damage is done.

This trailer is so wack and this actor does not have that ‘X-factor’ or the ‘Hot and please do me on the kitchen table’ factor. He is the boy next door, well not even the boy next door to me ’cause he is even hotter than this. What is his name even, does anyone know? I am so disappointed.

I love Twilight, yea, I am THAT girl, and I hate it when people make Twilight jokes but this cast is so ridiculous I have to make it..’After seeing the trailer, seriously, the Bella-Edward love story was even better than this one’.

I see zero chemistry. Do you? Like, am I blind?

Dear director, if you did not like my 4 suggestions above, why did you not take of of these guys:

1: Chris Hemsworth

2: Gabriel Macht

3: Matt Bomer

I am honestly so sad that you have ruined my 50 shades fantasy. It went from 50 shades of grey to 50 shades of nay.

Thank you Mr Director and Mr Producer.

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