My Chanel Midsummer nail polish picks

Nagellak chanel trio

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”  – Ms. Coco Chanel

Hi Friends !

I love the quote above because it is so true. Us girls should be classy and fabulous. Chanel understands us, Chanel knows how to make us feel classy and fabulous.
Each season they present us with the most wonderful and beautiful colors of nail polish amongst other products that can help to tribute to us feeling classy and fabulous.

I have a weak spot for nail polish. Sometimes it really is that extra thingie that can complete our outfits and look.

I love to do my nails everyday, yes you have read that right, EVERY DAY! And by doing this I am discovering lovely colors on a weekly bases. As it is july now and us Europeans and Americans are in our ‘Midsummer Stage’ I would love to present you with these 3 colors that work well in this season. If you are living in another continent these colors can be suitable for you too! I just love to match my colors to the seasons and these 3 colors are my fave Chanel Midsummer polishes!

1: Number 573 Accessoire

IMG_6818Number 573 is a deep bordeaux red color that makes my heart skip a beat. The fullness of the color is amazing! After applying my first layer the color seemed a bit light red’ish but after the second layer I got the beautiful bordeaux color that I adore! This color reminds me of the Sunsets in Bali and is a warm color that can be worn with all kinds of colors. I love to wear his color when I am wearing a white outfit. It really makes the nail polish pop!

2: Number 505 Particuliere


OMG, I have just died and went to ‘Taupe Heaven’. Taupe, I love taupe, it is truly a beautiful color. Maybe it is not directly a color that you would associate with summer. But I think it is. Especially for girls that are working an office job or want to pull of a more sophisticated look, taupe is always a perfect way to go. This color goes well with different skin tones and I taupe is great to combine with a purple blouse but also with denim for example!

3: Number 549 Distraction


This beautiful light and bright pink’ish color is perfect for the summer. When I see this color I want to order a cocktail, close my eyes and pretend that I am at some exotic beach tanning. This bright color is a fun summer color and wearable with a bright and colorful top! Combine this nail color with a nice peachy lipstick and you are ready to go!

IMG_6820     IMG_6847      IMG_6837

Chanel nailpolish is more high end and is a bit more expensive than the average brand of nail polish, but let’s face it, there is nothing average about Chanel. I wore the nail polish for 5 days straight and it did not chip! I applied 2 layers with all the 3 colors and the quality is just great.

So girls, if you really want to spoil yourself this summer, invest in a beautiful nail polish of Chanel!

Chanel nailpolish: USD 32 – EUR 24 – AUD 34

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