Review: Restaurant and Hotspot De Peerdestal in Antwerp, Belgium

Hi Friends,

As you might know by now, I love food! Food of great quality that is. I love to try out different cuisines while traveling. When I was in Antwerp I went to a
restaurant called De Peerdestal that was highly recommended to me by some local friends and I must say, after going for dinner there, I totally understand why they recommended this restaurant to me.

De Peerdestal is convienently located in the historic city center of Antwerp, at a walking distance of The Big Market,(Grote Markt) The Cathedral (de Kathedraal) and ‘Groenplaats’. So after your day of shopping and sight seeing, de Peerdestal is perfectly located for having your dinner and enjoying a lovely glass of wine. De Peerdestal is also open during lunch hours and they have some great lunch dishes on their menu as well.

x    IMG_6540
De Peerdestal is famous for their horse-meat steaks. When I entered the restaurant A Dutch couple was leaving the restaurant. They told me that they just had their dinner and that they were coming to De Peerdestal for more than 10 years now. I asked them why they were regulars at this restaurant for over an decade and they told me that they loved their food, especially the horse meat steaks, the wine selection and the great service. It was great to meet customers that came here for such a long time. They recommended several dishes to me and I took them up on some of their suggestions. Even though De Peerdestal is famous for their horse meat steaks, they they also have other wonderful dishes on their menu like beef meat steaks, lobsters, mussels and scampi’s.


I saw so many dishes on their menu that I wanted to try that it took me a long time to decide what to order. I remembered that the Dutch couple mentioned that the scampi’s de Peerdestal were really nice so I decided to take that as my appetizer. This dish is described as …prawns gratinated in a light schrimpsauce and pineau de charantes

I ordered the Scampi’s De Peerdestal and a glass of white wine. Before my dish came I received a plate of complimentary salami which went greatly with my wine and was a nice little snack before my meal arrived.

When my Scampi’s De Peerdestal arrived I could not wait to taste it but I had to take my pictures for you guys first. The dish came with a basked of brown bread and butter and this was great because now I could dip my bread in to the sauce and enjoy it even more.

IMG_6534    IMG_6538

I wish I could have shared this dish with my readers because it was divine ! I have traveled the world and had prawn in many different countries but I must say that this was by far the best prawn dish I have ever tasted in my 27 years on this globe. The prawns were so delicious and the sauce had so many flavors I secretly wished that I was eating this meal at home so I could lick out the plate. Yes friends, it was THAT delicious.

What I really liked about the Peerdestal, next to the great food was the service. The waiters were extremely friendly and helpful and very thoughtful. They asked me during each course if I liked everything and if they could get me another drink. The waiters were clearly very up to date about their menu, as I often experienced that when I ask a question to the serving staff that they don’t have a clue how to answer my question. This was not the case at the Peerdestal. I talked with 3 different waiters and they all are well aware of their menu card, attentive and friendly and able to suggest a great glass of wine that will go with your chosen meal. I was impressed with the waiters and they are doing a great job !

xxxxxxx    IMG_6559

When I finished my Scampi’s De Peerdestal it was time for my main course. For my main course I chose Beef filet pure Rossini with madeira sauce that came with a portion of French fries and delicious vegetables. The beef fillet was cooked till perfection. I like my meat medium rare and this fillet was perfectly medium rare. The meat was so tender and delicious that it melted on my tongue. The vegetables tasted really nice and went well with the fillet.
This was a great dish and I can recommend this dish to all the meat lovers!

After these two delicious meals I must admit, I was a bit full but I was craving something sweet. I asked for the dessert menu and I saw so many great desserts that I really could not choose. I asked one of the waiters to surprise me and bring me one of the dishes to enjoy.


I received the tiramisu and I could not be happier. The tiramisu tasted like the real tiramisu’s I had when I was in Venice. The flavors were undeniable and it tasted like the real deal.

I also enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with my tiramisu and a cute little detail: Coffee is served with a little cup of different sorts of chocolate. This was a lovely little detail!

I also have to mention the decor of the Peerdestal. On the outside it really reminds me of a cute picturesque restaurant, somewhere in Paris and on the inside they continue with this Parisian theme. De Peerdestal has a beautiful luxurious vibe to it and I love all the chandeliers.

IMG_6568    IMG_6516

IMG_6527    IMG_6522

They have some beautiful eye-catchers and I could stare at those beautiful chandeliers for hours! They also have some horse’s/pony’s that reminded me of the horse’s you had on the carousels when you went to a carnaval. I love that they have red chairs in the restaurant, this goes perfectly with their white walls and table cloths.


I had the loveliest time here and I can not wait to go back this summer to de Peerdestal because there are still many dishes that I want to try!

I can recommend this restaurant to everyone that loves great quality food and enjoys great service and a beautiful setting to wine and dine!

Openings hours:
De Peerdestal is open daily from 11:30 AM – 15:00 PM and 17:00 PM – 22:00 PM

De Peerdestal
Wijngaardstraat 8 – 2000 Antwerp

For more information visit their website:

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