Review HotSpot: Townhouse in Seminyak

Review HotSpot: Townhouse in Seminyak

Townhouse is one of my latest discoveries in Bali. I always passed this place when I was going to KuDeTa but I have actually never been there until today.

Many expat friends of mine are going here on the weekends to party and to have drinks and I still want to go here on a fridaynight, but I couldn’t wait any longer so I went there for an afternoon snack today.

The second I stepped inside it felt as if I left Bali and as if I was in a loungebar in Soho, NYC. This really looks and feels so much like a ‘Townhouse’.

IMG_9466Townhouse has several floors and downstairs is the coolest area in my opinion. I love all the art on the wall. These art items, mostly paintings are for sale. Next to every
painting you can find a little card with the information about the painting, the artist and who’m to contact

if you are interested in buying this piece of art. It really has a NYC gallery vibe to it and I liked that a lot!

They also offer a big variety of food and drinks. Since I already had lunch at Nook, see my instagram, I decided to take a fruit juice/smoothie . But this drink was so delicious that I decided to order another one.


Townhouse has besides a good juice and food menu also great parties. The best DJ’s from all over the world are playing at this venue to entertain the guests.
One of the things I like most about this venue is that they truly have captured the NYC feel but you can also see some Balinese elements in their decor. This fusion of elements
where the east meets the west is one of the best ones I have seen in Bali.

IMG_9477  IMG_9488
I love their elevator, it looks like something that actually would belong in a NYC townhouse and their interior design is very Soho meets Manhattan.

IMG_9486  IMG_9487

Their rooftop is lovely during sunset because you will have an gorgeous view and also during parties I can imagine that is would be a cool place to sip on your martini.

Townhouse is located at the Jl. Laksamana 151 in Seminyak and the openings hours are:




For more information, go to their website

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