Review: Villa Masayu in Ungusan, Bali

Review: Villa Masayu in Ungusan, Bali Hey Friends ! IMG_0262How are all of you doing? I am great ! I had a lovely week in Bali with great opportunities. One of those opportunities was to visit Villa Masayu in Ungusan. This villa is located at a beautiful green part of Bali. When you look out of the window you will see that you have a very beautiful and serene view. I came to this Villa in the weekend and I couldn’t ask for a better and relaxed getaway from all the hectic that goes on in the busy touristic areas. The villa I stayed in was a 2 bedroom villa. These bedrooms are divided in two different villa’s. IMG_0304   IMG_0301 The main villa has 2 floors. On the ground floor you can find the very luxurious living room area. This living room is decorated with art and sculptures and the cushions on the couches are so soft ! It was such a treat to sit in this beautiful living room area and to be able to work on my website. IMG_0270 IMG_0274 On the ground floor you can also find the kitchen and the dining table that fit’s up to 6 people. IMG_0314 IMG_0312 Than you have the upstairs part, and friends I must tell you, the upstairs s even more Masayu-2-BDR-Master-bedroom-Houses-of-Asia-Bali11111 amazing and beautiful. I have seen many villa’s here in Asia, but I never saw a villa with more than one floor. Upstairs you can find the master bedroom with the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep in. The bed was so comfortable that I fell a sleep the second I put down my head, and for a girl with insomnia problems that certainly was a miracle! IMG_0265   IMG_0266Behind the bedroom you can find the bathroom. The bathroom comes with both a bathtub and a shower as well as 2 separate sinks. This entire villa has a great luxury vibe to it and I am just loving it! IMG_0263From the bedroom you can also step outside on a ‘balcony’ where you can walk around and enjoy your pool view from outside. See picture <—— If that is not a nice view to wake up to, I don’t know what is. I love that this villa has 2 floors and 2 separate villa’s. This really feels like a home a way from home. IMG_0297Let’s go back downstairs. In opposite of this villa you have another one bedroom villa with yet another beautiful bedroom. In this bedroom you have several pieces of art and the pieces that got my attention are the 2 paintings in the bedroom. One you can see on the picture on the left, the painting above the bed is definitely an painting I would love to have at my own place! I also fell in love with the lamps on the night cabinets. The designer of this villa really captured the luxury feel combined with different elements of the beautiful island of Bali. This villa  also comes with its own bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. This bathtub is located outside so you can be able to take a bath underneath the beautiful sky that is always filled with stars! IMG_0294     IMG_0295 In between these two villa’s you can find your own private pool with tanning beds. Enjoy your stay while taking a dip in the pool and just kick back and relax! Why book this villa? IMG_0406 I would recommend this villa to both families traveling as well as a couple. For example, if you are on your honeymoon, this is the perfect venue to spend your days! This villa has a romantic feel to it and the thing I loved the most about it is all the art that is available for guests to enjoy. From paintings till sculptures, it is obvious that a lot of thought has put in to the interior design of this villa and I really enjoyed that. The magic is in the details and the details in this villa are AH-MAY-ZING! IMG_0276    IMG_0277 For more information about this villa you can take a look at the following website:   With Love, DOBE GLOBE

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