Review: Earth Cafe, a whole life concept in Bali

Review: Earth Cafe, a whole life concept in Bali

Hey Friends!


Bali is famous for it’s great food, fusion kitchens and fresh products. There are many great restaurants here in Bali and the cuisine that I like a lot is ‘the organic and bio’ cuisine. To taste the freshness of the products and to be able to connect with our earth is an amazing feeling.

When I was driving my bike in Seminyak, for the past 2 weeks I passed by this place Earth Cafe and it made me so curious. Each time I told my self, today I will visit the Earth Cafe, however due to my busy schedule I had to cancel my own plans every time. But today when I woke up and I had a day off, I decided to skip my ‘beach day’ and go to Cafe Earth first. And I must tell you, ever having my first dish, I could not be happier that I cancelled my beach day and went to this wonderful place…

I went on a day where it was a public holiday/ceremony day here in Bali, the owner of Cafe Earth told me that they were short of staff today and that even the security guard was waitering today. I was so impressed by this, it is obvious that the staff at the Earth Cafe operates as a team and they are all willing to help each other. Good service is hard to find here in Bali in my opinion but I must say that the service here was pretty impressive. The security guard turned in to a waitor must be the most hands on waiter I have ever seen in Bali. He was in charge, got the orders from the customers, ran to the kitchen to make sure they got these orders and when the orders were ready he jumped up to serve these plates of wonderful food. The other available staff were all very friendly and smiley and this creates a great atmosphere in the cafe.

IMG_9621I sat down at my table and took a look at the menu card. There were so many delicious items on the menu that I could not decide what I wanted. I think it took me about 15 minute to decide because I wanted to try everything and it was hard to make up my mind. In the end I went for the Chicken Pea burger and this was a great decision.


I also took the coconut delight juice and I have just one word for this juice: WOW! I really am in to juices, when I am at home I make juices myself too but I must admit, I never tasted a juice that tasted so fresh and lovely. The flavors were amazing and I wish I could drink this all day, every day. And the juice I had is just one of the many many many juices that they offer.

I will definitely go back to try the other ones as well!IMG_9622   IMG_9624

Music wise this is also a great place to visit. There are always some nice tunes playing in the background that fit the atmosphere that the cafe has created.

The cool thing about this cafe is that it is a cafe and a market. When you enter the cafe the restaurant area is on the right. When you go straight you have a mini market where they sell all kinds of goodies. They have fridges where they have fresh bio fruits and veggies and also other products like seeds, beans, oils. Even beauty products are available and in the back on the left they also have a selection of organic clothing.

Since the Earth Cafe is a place where they offer vegetarian dishes you would think that only vegetarians visit this cafe but not much of this is true. I am not a vegetarian but I am considering becoming one since I have tasted how great vegetarian food can actually taste and I can definitely recommend this place to everyone!

While posting this, I have already visited the Earth Cafe many times and I can honestly say that at this point I have become a regular. By now I have tasted many great dishes and reviews of those will be online soon…

With Love,


3 thoughts on “Review: Earth Cafe, a whole life concept in Bali

  1. Hello 🙂
    A few days before I wrote you an e-mail, maybe you remember 🙂 I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy about you enjoying your time in Bali and when I read your articles it’s almost like I’m there, too 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    Much love, Sanja

    1. hey darling!

      Yes I do remember ! Have you received my reply to your mail? Please let me know !! Your message is so sweet, I really appreciate that! Thank you so much for following my website and my adventures!

      Lots of Love!

      1. Heyhey 🙂

        Yes, I received your reply and I was so happy about it 🙂 As you told, I took up a piggy bank and put in my savings whenever I can, thank you again for this simpe but effectiv tip!
        Enjoy your time!
        lovelove, xx

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