How to deal with a ‘I feel down’ day during (solo) traveling?

How to deal with a 'I feel down' day during (solo) traveling?

Hey Friends!

YesterdayI had such a stupid day. Everything that could go wrong went wrong and I just felt really sad. The thing about traveling alone is that when you are sad or annoyed you do not have any one to turn to. And yes, I have friends here in Bali as well, even one of my best girlfriends is living here but she had a bad day her self as well and I did not want to burden her with my problems.
At moments like those I miss my family a lot. I am 27, and will be 28 this October but still when I have a bad day I want to be surrounded by my family. I want a hug from my mum, have a heart to heart with my sister and go for a walk with my dad. Is that weird?

I am just really close with my family and at certain moments it is extra nice to have them around.
The silver lining in this story is, because I believe that every moment or experience has one, is that this was a great learning experience for me. When you are alone while traveling and something happens you are forced to be alone and to solve this alone. You have to look inside your self and you learn how to depend on your self. And that can be a very scary thing.
For me, I am an independent woman. Yes, while writing this I hear the song of Destiny’s Child in my head now, true DC FANS know which one I mean : ) However, when I am facing a problem I like to ask my family and best friends for help and advice. Being on the other side of the world with a huge time difference, this is less easier. You have to be inventive and creative and I really tried to help my self.
Here are things that I did that helped me and made me feel better:

1: Reach out to someone
Even though I could not talk to my own family and best friends immediately I reached out on my Instagram Account. I posted a picture where I said that I was sad and I could use some virtual hugs. The response I got was amazing. I received so many sweet comments of my followers and even e-cards via my email address and some personal emails. I loved this so much, this truly made me feel so much better and I am grateful that people took the time to respond to my message. Note: I am not a sad person in general. I reached out this one time and that’s okay. But do not become that person that posts depressing messages daily or weekly on your account. If you feel sad and depressed all the time, it is time to turn to a loved one and tell this and get some professional help.

2: Express your self in an arty way.
I wanted to name this step : Write something down. However, for me, as a writer that comes more easy that to someone who isn’t and who finds it difficult to express their feelings in words.
Be creative in expressing your feelings. I often paint and draw as well. I also have a friend who makes music when he is sad. Just try stuff out and see what works for you. But don’t hold your feelings in. Let it out! You will feel relieved!

3: Do something nice for your self.
Yesterday, I went for a massage and an mani-pedi Ok, I must admit, it helps that I am in Bali and I can go to the salon until midnight for a very affordable price. When I would be back in Holland I would not even think about doing this because it would cost me a fortune. And even if I would decide to do it, shops close at 6pm and I would have to make an appointment probably 3 weeks in advance.
So what can you do?
Listen to your favorite music
Watch your favorite tv-show/movie
Paint your nails in a fun color
Eat something that you are craving, that brings me to the next point

4: Comfort food:
Comfort food, food that will make you feel better. It will not cure your problems but it will make you feel better for a little while, and when you have an offday this can be just what you need. Again, if you have more off and down days, seek professional help. Don’t stuff your self with unhealthy stuff that could possibly lead to developing an eating disorder. But if you have an off day once in a while you can treat yourself to something nice. For me it is always chocolate. Chocolate makes me smile when even the most funny movies on YouTube fail to do just this.
Note: Comfort food is not always unhealthy. Try some different things. A nice fruit smoothie always makes me happy as well and this is such a healthy snack! See what makes you feel better !

5: Have a cryfest
Yes friends, it is time to let those tears out. It honestly does help. Scream, cry, beat your pillow, let all the anger and sadness out. It will help you in your recovery process and in feeling better quickly. Once it is out you can move on. Yesterday after my massage I put on The Notebook and I just cried for 30 minutes straight. This wasn’t one of those pretty cries, it was ugly and loud but I felt so much better after that. When I was done crying I did some yoga exercises and went to bed.

And today, when I woke up, I just felt so much better. Relieved and happy. And when I turned on my Instagram and saw all those sweet messages I instantly felt even better. Therefor, I truly have the best followers and readers and I would like to thank all of you for making my day ~

With love,

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