Visiting Holland? – Visit this beautiful city: Dashing Delft

Hey Friends!

If you are planning a trip to Holland/The Netherlands soon I have a great tip for you!
Often when people are traveling they go to the capital city of that country. In this case that would be Amsterdam. I must say, I do love Amsterdam, it is a beautiful dynamic city with lots of great galleries, musea, hotspots and so (36)

But why limit yourself to only one big and well known city when a country has a dozen more beautiful cities to offer?

Where is Delft Located?
In this article I would like to share a beautiful city with you called ‘Delft’. Delft is located in the province ‘Zuid-Holland’ and is a 50 minute train ride away from the capital city, Amsterdam. The city center is very easy to reach with the train. Delft has 2 trainstations.
1: Delft Central Station
2: Delft Zuid
From the station Delft Central it is a 3 minute walk in to the city center.

photo (25)Why visit Delft?

If you really want to experience the Netherlands don’t just visit Amsterdam. Broaden your horizon and visit other cities as well. One city that is a must see to visit if you are in Holland is Delft. Delft is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and especially in the city center you can see a lot of beautiful buildings, so if you are in to architecture, you can’t miss the opportunity to go to Delft. Delft has played a big role in the Dutch history and until this day it still is a key city to the Netherlands.

photo (28)It offers a big variety of shops and boutiques if you want to have a little shopping spree. I must say, if you want to have a good shopping day, where your main goal is shopping I would not recommend Delft. All though Delft has some great boutiques and stores, it is not really big, so than I would definitely recommend other cities like Den Haag, Rotterdam or Amsterdam.
Delft also has a lot of antique stores which are cool to visit and the church and the city hall are also a must see. These are some great looking buildings and a nice place to take some great shots!

photo (26)

The beauty of the city center of Delft is indescribable. The architecture, the canals, the buildings, it is all just so wonderful!

When visit Delft?
Delft is a city that is great to visit through out the year. However, if you are planning a daytrip, I would definitely recommend you to come on a Saturday. During the spring and summer they have several stands outside through out the city where people are selling antiques, jewelry, art and other great stuff. Kinda like a fleamarket. These stands make the city feel more alive and there is a great atmosphere.
Also during the spring and summer a lot of cafe’s and bars will put there tables outside as well so you can enjoy your lunch or drinks in the nice warm weather while the sun is kissing your (29)

Delft, the student city
Delft is one of the major student cities in the Netherlands. With the TU (University of Technology) Delft is also the home for many students. So if you are young and you want to mingle with the young Dutch crowd visit one of the many bars in Delft for a great night full of fun. Delft offers many great bars and cafe’s but Delft is not known for a big clubbing scene. Once in a while there will be a cool party thrown but if you want to visit a major club, visit another city : )

Tips in Delft:

  • – Go to the city center and just wander through the city
  • – Go to the ‘Markt’ or the ‘Beestenmarkt’ for cafe’s where you can sit outside and enjoy your drinks/meals
  • – Visit the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ (New Church). This is a beautiful church and a definite must see. Also you can climb this church (prices are between 3-5 euro’s) for a great view of the City of Delft
  • Visit one of the many Antique Stores in Delft
  • Visit ‘Prinsenhof’. A nice small garden where you can enjoy a bit of nature and get great historical lessons
  • Visit Delftse Hout if you want to take a stroll through the nature and enjoy some beautiful Dutch sceneries

photo 3photo (32) photo 1photo (35)photo (34)photo (31)photo (33)   photo (30)

photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

All pictures are taken by DOBE GLOBE. 

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