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The ultimate guide for basic bitches in Bali

My lovely ladies, my basic bitches!

I often get asked to what the most instagrammable places in Bali are and lets face it- we are lacking a bit of originality lately. We all go to the same cafe’s, to the same resto’s, hotspots and waterfalls so why not some them up in one article so you can always refer to it while visiting bali?

It is okay to be basic sometimes. But you can be extra while doing it too!

So put them Gucci belts aside and buy the very basic bali bag that all us bloggers have and start your week fresh with a visit to one of these places. And if you are the OG basic bitch, you will visit them all!

  1. Kynd-
    Unless you have been living under a virtual rock the past year you have to know KYND! KYND community, with them beautiful pink famous wall with palms trees painted on it, personalized smoothiebowls with your own name in it or powerballs? Kynd Has it all! You might have to push away some other bitches to get a pic with that wall cause trust me, it is always BUSY A.F! TIP: Keep eying them peeps sitting infront of the wall until they leave! It works for me every time 🙂
  2. Cafe Organic
    Cafe Organic has 2 outlets- one in Canggu (hipstertown) and one in Petitenget. I prefer the one in Petitenget. Even though the menu is similar the atmosphere is cooler in Peti! As the big window display says, No Bad Days- so true. So get in front of the Garden Gangsters Mural and make that Instagram Selfie!Schermafbeelding 2018-04-16 om 05.02.41
  3. Cafe Bali – Cafe Bali is going strong for over a decade and still it is one of the hottest places in Seminyak. You can not not go there, I mean come on, the indoor mini pool with the elephant in it, the photrograph  wall?- If you don’t do a photoshoot here, are you even worth of going there? 🙂
  4. Potato Head- Another hotspot for them Ozzies especially- Potato Head with the great infinity pool directly at the beach. Big suntanning beds (minimum charge of 500RP ++ and cool staff- YES, another must visitSchermafbeelding 2018-04-16 om 05.07.37
  5. Old Mans – If you are a hipster, wannabe hipster, local or whatevz fits your label, you must go to Oldmans. Their iconic blue wall is all over Instagram and you MUST take a pic there too or else you can’t sit with us anymore. The drinks are cheap, the music is great and it is a perfect place to start your evening (or end it…)
  6. The W- For all them poshy basic bitches with their Louis V’s, for all them chicks in the #guccigang- the W is for you! The Woo bar offers great chill places for great sunset drinks and amazing food. YES, this is the only place in seminyak, well, the only beachclub of an hotel where heels are expected. Sure, thongs are okay as well but lets be honest, do you want to be that peasant like? NO? Be the queen you are and put on those Louboutains!Schermafbeelding 2018-04-16 om 05.17.10
  7. Seacircus- Do you know that very extremely over the top colorful wall you see all over Insta? YES OF COURSE YOU DO- that is Sea circus baby- Great food + healthy juices + very friendly staff? Of course you will go there. And if you are bored there just walk a few stores down to there latest hotspot Neon Palms. I would give NP their own place in this list since it will definitely be THE hotspot of ’18 but since you basic bitches have not fully discovered it yet it will temporarily have to share it’s place with her big sister Sea Circus ! 🙂
  8. Coffee Cartel- Probably the place in Bali where they serve the best coffee and still them Instagirls are more obsessed with the tiles on the floor. So make sure your toe nails are pretty when you go here. You will make a 1000 ‘from where I stands’ here while sippin’ on your matcha latte.Schermafbeelding 2018-04-16 om 05.17.38
  9. The Lawn- A poshier version of Potato Head only in Canggu and with a more local expat crowd. Great place for selfies, fantastic food, and arrogant hostesses. You will feel just at home! Haha. The servers (boys) are actually pretty nice tho!
  10. The Loft- another great pink wall. You must have seen this one on insta too. What can I say, is the food original? No. It is healthy and organic but hey, what else is new? But the service is good so we ain’t complaining.


This was part one of the Ultimate basic bitch guide to Bali- Part 2 is coming in May!
We hope you enjoyed it and if you have tips let us know!



Review: Genator in Barcelona

Hi Lovelies!

How are you all today? I had the great pleasure of visiting the Generator hostel in Barcelona and I must tell you, it was amazing!

As a travelblogger I get invited to the most luxurious hotels and villa’s- and it definitely fits the DG Brand- however, there are exceptions of our team visiting hostels when we absolutely love a brand and the GEN Brand, we just truly adore.


If you are looking for affordable luxury, the Generator Barcelona is the place to be for you. Did you know that the Gen offers shared rooms + private rooms. YES, Private rooms and even grand suites!

Can you imagine being in a vibrant hostel where you can meet fellow wanderlust’s and travelers in the common area’s but still can have the privacy in your own room? Well, in the Generator in Barcelona this is all possible !

-Penthouse with terrace
-Private twin room
-Private premium twin room + terrace
-Shared dorm
-Dorm room (female only)


The hostel is quite easy to reach by public transportation!
From airport El Prat you can take the Aerobus from both Terminal 1 + 2 to Placa Cataluna. From hear you can take the L3 Metro to Diagonal and you can walk for about 7 minutes to the Hostel- this will cost you 8,10 euro in total (aerobus + metro). For the lazy travelers amongst us you can also take bus 39 from metro Diagonal and you will stop exactly in front of the hostel!




I stayed in a private premium twin room with a terrace. Just my look- exactly when I came it was pouring rain and I could not enjoy my terrace to the fullest- however, I must say that the terrace was quite spacious and lovely and I can imagine when you come back during the spring or summer that it is an amazing place to chill and enjoy the city view!


The terrace with 2 sun chairs and hang out chairs!

My room in general was quite spacious. I had a comfy twinned, a desk if I wanted to do some blogging and a separate shower/toilet area. The bathroom was so beautiful, I wanted to take a million pictures- haha! I loved the tiles on the wall of the bathroom, it really gave it an extra ‘Barca Vibe’ and it was super cute! (a perfect place for tons of selfies girls! :))

Super beautiful colorful tiles on the wall ! #dobeglobeloves

The shower was more comfortable than many other hotel showers and for a hostel I was truly impressed. The Generator Barcelona really shows you that you can have the luxury of a real 3/4 star hotel within a hostel.


What I also loved about my room besides the terrace, the huge windows and the beautiful bathroom was the red carpet on the wall and the full-size length mirror so you can check your outfit before hitting the town. The room was beautifully decorated- a minimalistic style but still colorful and warm.


Breakfasttime was super lovely. You had different fruits, pastries, bred and your sandwich meat together with fresh milk and yoghurt- great hostel breakfast, definitely! There was also a coffee machine where you could make your own latte that would help you to wake up before your shopping spree 🙂
When checking in you will get coins that you can hand to the hostel staff in charge of the breakfast. It is an all you can eat buffet so feel free to get more croissants if you are still hungry after the first round.


I did not have a lot of interaction with the hostel staff as I was more out exploring by myself. The ladies at the check in were nice but I must say, the true star of this story is the security guard. He was super helpful and friendly and told me a lot about the background of the hostel and also a bit about him self and it was pretty cool. He truly gave great information about the city and hostel and said that he loved interacting with international travelers so when visiting the Gen Barca, make sure to visit my friend and have nice chat with him too!



I don’t even know where to start. Everything about this hostel was great. The common area’s, the bar, the breakfast room, the swing chairs, YES SWINGCHAIRS


where I spend quite some time. The upstairs hangout lounge, the pooltable- there is so much going on. You won’t get bored in this hostel.

There is just so much to do.

There is also an activity desk where you can go for all your Barcelona questions.

I had a nice chat with a lady who worked at the hostel. She approached me during breakfast to ask what I was going to do that day. It took me a while to figure out she worked for the Gen, I thought initially that it was just a friendly fellow traveler. Hahaha.
But she was super nice and could give great information about the city and that was highly appreciated since I did not visit Barcelona for a while.

I can say this hostel is definitely for different types of travelers. For female budget travelers; super safe hostel- there are female only dorms. For families; there is a nice penthouse where you can stay with your entire family- twin rooms; city trips for friends/ lovers!

I can recommend it to many different people, lets say, to everyone! I even met several families that stayed at the hostel- it is an affordable option on having a nice spacious place for your self in the mid of the city center.


For current prices and information please visit




Review: Royal Ambarrukmo in Yogyakarta

While traveling to Indonesia many of us visit the beautiful Yogyakarta! The beautiful Borobudur can be find in Yogya and is definitely worth visiting. So while visiting, where should you stay you might wonder?

Well, I do have the best answer for you. I can definitely recommend the 5 star City Hotel Royak Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta. Check out their website: http://www.royalambarrukmo.comschermafbeelding-2017-01-29-om-22-21-37

The Royal Ambarrukmo is one of the city’s best 5 star luxury hotels with definitely the best facilities and most wonderful staff. This award winning hotel will offer you a perfect get away after a day touring in Yogya! De beautiful architecture, the gorgeous garden, the swimmingpools- what else do you need in a 5 star hotel?

The hotel offers 2 types of rooms. The room prices vary from 70-150 USD. For special offers take a look at their website!

  • The Deluxe Room
    The newly renovated 40-square-metre Deluxe rooms are beautifully redesigned and decorated with stylish furnishings. All rooms feature extra spacious balconies with panoramic views of the pool garden, Royal Palace or surrounding countryside. Other special features include complimentary wireless Internet access, LCD televisions, coffee and tea facilities, a laptop-sized in-room safe and premium bedding with pillow-top mattresses.
  • The Premium Room
    The specialty of this 40-square-metre room is its remarkable view of the soaring Merapi volcano and beautifully redesigned Royal Garden. Premiere rooms are beautifully redesigned and decorated with stylish furnishings. All rooms feature extra spacious balconies with panoramic Merapi views. Other special features include complimentary wireless internet access, LCD televisions, coffee and tea facilities, a laptop-sized in room safe and premium bedding with pillow-top mattresses. 

Besides the rooms the hotel also offers 3 types of suites.
-The Junior Suite

Occupying 62 square metres, these newly remodeled mid-sized guest rooms offer ample space for the ultimate relaxation and comfort. Additional facilities include VIP amenities and treatment, complimentary minibar, unlimited wireless internet access, flight confirmation service and turn down service.

-The Executive Suite
Occupying 80 square metres, this suite provides value added luxury with VIP amenities and treatment, complimentary minibar, unlimited wireless internet access, flight confirmation service and turndown service. A private balcony offers views of the Merapi volcano, Royal Garden and pool.
– The Ambarrukmo Suite
Offering stunning views of the Merapi volcano, this legendary 120-square-metre suite features a large bedroom with a sitting area, a spacious bathroom, a kitchen with a dining and bar area and a living room.schermafbeelding-2017-01-29-om-22-31-48Hotel Facilities:
The hotel has great facilities that really define the 5 stars that they have!
A beautiful spa with traditional Indonesian style massages!
An executive lounge
A Fitness Centre
A kids pool
The business centre
The beautiful tropical gardenschermafbeelding-2017-01-29-om-22-21-32

Personal experience:
The Royal Ambarrukmo is exquisite in many ways. The grand entrance, the beautiful garden, the friendly staff- the hotel truly meets all your expectations and even exceed them! The room is beautiful and decorated in traditional Indonesian furniture and art. It is the perfect combination of a place where the East meets the West.  With traditional Indonesian art on the walls but highly modern furniture only made of the finest materials creates a instant feeling of being in your own luxury world !

You will definitely immediately feel home is this beautiful hotel. The staff will cater to all your wishes and will make sure you will have the best time 🙂 The rooms are beautiful and with a lot of space for you and your partner/family.

The hotel also offers great food. A big breakfast buffet is the perfect way to start the day. If you don’t feel like exploring yogya, this hotel is perfect for just kicking back and relaxing by the pool or why not book a spa treatment!

For who?
This hotel is definitely recommended for the luxury traveler. Solotravelers, couples, families- Because the hotel offers different room and suite types it will be suitable for a wide range of different people.

DOBE GLOBE will definitely recommend this beautiful hotel. For your home away from home the Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta is definitely the way to go.

If you are visiting Yogya soon, definitely take a look at their website!
*Click here!

Review: TS Suites in Seminyak Bali

Hey Loves,

Recently I went to the TS Suites in Seminyak, Bali for a review. After living in Bali and knowing all the hotspots I was happy I could finally visit one of my fave boutique hotels that Seminyak offers!


The TS Suites hotel is located in Seminyak. You can easily reach the hotel from Denpasar Airport by car (20 minutes). And the beach is also easily reached by a 10 minute walk or a 2 minute motorbike ride. Motorbikes are available for rent at the hotel.

The TS Suites is a beautiful boutique hotel in Seminyak.The hotel is beautiful and luxurious and it will feel like your home away from home. The hotel has an extravagant infinity pool on the rooftop that gives you a great view of Seminyak. Their are sunbathing chairs in side the pool as well so you can actually tan in the pool- how cool is that.


The TS Suites truly caters to all your wishes. The rooms are big and spacey. My room had a separate shower + bath tub with a moveable wall so I could create the bathroom if I wanted it or keep the sliding doors open to create more space. My room also had a big lounging bed + a flatscreen TV. All the furniture, including the closets, desk and bed were new and in mintcondition.

Oh, and how bad ass is this, one of the coolest clubs in Bali, JENJA is part of the TS Suites hotel! Check out the club here : JENJA!

While staying in the hotel you get free access to this awesome place! Unfortunately during my stay the club was closed so I did not go this time, but trust me, I have been to Jenja many times before and it is an evening full of fun and good times guarenteed!




There is a big restaurant upstairs at the same level as the rooftop pool + SPA! The restaurant offers breakfast and lunch. There is a daily all you can eat lunch buffet (not included) and you can also chose to have lunch a la carte.


If you eat too much food and you want to work your body- just go to the gym that is overlooking the infinity pool. Yes you have read that correctly, you can work your body till your sweating and than jump in the pool to cool off! Of course, before taking a quick shower that is 🙂

The pool is magnificant. The infinity pool is one of the best that I have seen so far. It is quite large for a rooftop pool with plenty of sun beds to tan on. Some even in the water, which is pretty darn cool!


The hotel also offers a shuttle service for pickups and drop offs from/to the airport or any other destination that you have to go. Just ask one of the friendly staffmembers for assistance.


The staff in general were really nice. Everyone always took the time to greet you and to wish you a great day ahead. Also, everyone always checked if they could help you with anything- if that is not A+ service, I don’t know what is.

Upstairs you also have the entertainment area with a pooltable and even a library where you can rent some books. I had some interesting reads and it is a nice area to just take a step back and relax with a Bali Guide for example.

I would definitely highly recommend this hotel for any luxury lover. The hotel is suitable for young and older couples, friends and businesstrips. The hotel can also accommodate for families as they have a playground area and therefor is childfriendly too.

Let’s be honest, in the time we live in currently it is important that a hotel is very Instagram worthy. And yes, the TS suites is definitely this. It has plenty of cool places, design furniture in the lobby, a very big and spacious courtyard where you can photo shoot for hours. Just take a look at some of my fave places in the hotel:

I had an amazing time at the TS Suites in Bali! The pick up service was great. My driver was super friendly and talkative and gave me great information about the hotel upon arrival. Once I entered the hotel I was amazed. The hobby is very grand and beautiful. You have several sitting area’s with different designs which makes it a great spot to Instagram away 🙂 The open lobby leads to the beautiful courtyard where you can sit back and relax and get away from the Seminyak crowdiness and traffic.

The room I stayed in was very spacious. The sliding walls that separated the Bathroom from the Bedroom were great. I could create some privacy if needed. I could also watch the telly from the bath tub and thank god they have E! Entertainment ..haha… so yes, I had some relaxing moments too where I could catch up with my celebrity gossip.

The food was great. The breakfast was very big with a great variety in juices and food. Both Western as Asian food were served. You could also create your own egg or pancake, or well, with the help of the chef! So enough yummyumm in the tumm tumm.

I have not entered the Spa ( I know, for me this is weird) so I can not tell you about that since I have not experienced it here but I can tell you that the food on the a la carte lunch menu is great. I had the mie goreng (fried noodles) and it was authenically Indonesian!
I probably spend most of my time tanning on the rooftop pool. There is just something that infinity pools do to me. While swimming and overlooking the view I always get lost in my thoughts .. I really liked the vibe of this pool and the view was beyond amazing. I also went to the gym 3 times. The fitness instructor even offered to give me pilates sessions but I did not try these. Judging by his stories it would have been wonderful though, so I will definitely try it next time!

Will I stay here again? Definitely!
Can I recommend the hotel? For sure!

For more information and prices check out:

Check out the TS Suites here!

17 places to visit in 2017

Hey loves,

A new year has come. 2017- does time fly? YES IT DOES!
A new year also means that you have a lot of new opportunities to travel the world.
I don’t really believe in New Year Resolutions, however I do believe in the New Year Travellist.

Every year, at January the first I create a list of destinations that I want to visit in the following year. I divide it in to two lists.
1.  The sure things;
Destinations that I prebooked in the year before and I know for sure that I will visit in the new year
2.  The travelbucketlist;
Destinations where I would love to go but i’m not sure if it will be possible yet

And these are my 17 destinations of 2017:

  1. The sure things:

1.   Paris
2.   London
3.   Rome
4.   Barcelona
5.   Miami
6.   Boston
7.   Washington
8.   New York
9.   Bali
10. Singapore
11.  Oslo
12.  Dublin

2.  The Travelbucketlist
13. Vancouver
14. Toronto
15.  Colorado
16. Utah
17. San Diego

Creating a Travelbucketlist and a Travellist in general can make your year a bit more structured and organized. Time really does fly by, so planning can be a good thing for you! Spontanious things can still happen while being on the destination, no worries!

Where will you go in 2017? Do you have some trips planned already? What is on YOUR list? 




Review: The W hotel and Resort Bali

The W... Hi Friends! Today is your lucky day! Today I will share with you some pictures of my visit at the W Retreat and Spa in Seminyak and it will probably be one of the most places that you have ever seen.
If you are planning a Bali trip any time soon, than this is the place to be. If you like beauty and luxury the W is made for you! Ik at the WThe W Retreat and Spa is located on Seminyak beach, so if you would desire you can go tanning on the beach. But after spending some time there, I could not imagine someone who would ever want to leave this hotel voluntairly! And trust me, after living in Bali for a long time I can definitely say that nothing, well, almost nothing beats the beaches in Bali but if you have to chose between a beach day and a day at the W Retreat and Spa, I can definitely say that 99% of the people will chose the W including myself! The W Retreat & Spa Bali is centrally located in Seminyak amongst hip restaurants and bars. Kuta is a 20-minute drive away while Ngurah Rai International Airport is a 30-minute ride away. The W retreat and spa has several kinds of rooms that differ in size and prize. Non the less, all the rooms and the villa’s are extremely luxurious and beautiful. IMG_0172 IMG_0174 The W Retreat and Spa has a large outdoor pool where you can enjoy your tanning session while sipping on your cocktail or drinking your water. The W Retreat and Spa also has it’s own gym and full service spa.Go to the spa for a nice massage, a steam bath or get your nails or hair done! IMG_0254 IMG_0249

At the picture above you can see several little stones created specially for the W. Each little stone has a word on it, words like ‘peace, love, happiness’. When you leave the spa you can take one of these little stones, without watching which one you take and throw it in the little p ond that is surrounds the Spa. You make a wish while throwing it, kinda like a wishing pond where you throw your penny in. I thought that this was a very cute details!

There are also 2 big restaurants available. You can enjoy your meal in the Fire restaurant or the Starfish Blue Restaurant. The main difference between these too is that the Fire restaurant is more focused on the Western cuisine and the Starfish Blue restaurant is more focused on the Asian cuisine. IMG_0213 IMG_0223 IMG_0224

The cups on the second picture on the right are cups you can take during breakfast. Everyone can chose there own little or big cup where you get your coffee or tea served in. Isn’t that just the most personal detail you have ever experienced in a hotel? Truly a 5 star idea at a 5 star retreat and spa!

If you want to go for drinks after dinner you can join the beautiful Woo Bar that is located on the left side of the outside pool. I had drinks here during sunset and I must admit, it is a phenomenal location to watch the sun set in the sea while sipping on one of the signature cocktails of the W. IMG_0242 IMG_0241 The W also has it’s own library that is staffed everyday until 8pm. After 8 guests can still enter, read a book, have a coffee or work at one of the iMacs provided. I also totally fell in love with the spacious villa’s at the W. These are perfect for honeymooners! You can hide a way in your perfect and beautiful luxury getaway, with your own private pool. I can’t imagine any better place to spend your honeymoon! IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0190IMG_0197 The W retreat and spa in Seminyak Bali is beautiful. I can recommend this venue to everyone that likes luxury and appreciates fine art, design, great service, great food and cherishes the special things in life. Come to the W to create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Feel like a king or a queen for a day or a night or even a week. Visit the W, you won’t regret it for a second ! IMG_0237 IMG_0238 For more information please visit: With Love, Dobe Globe

7 stages of solo traveling

Thinking about solo traveling this summer? It might be the best idea that you have ever gotten. But are you aware of the 7 stages of solotraveling? Probably not because I just came up with the idea to write about it. Haha.

I am writing this from my own experience – but after talking with a lot of solo travelers that I have met on the road, I can say that this is probably how you will feel too at some point of your travels.foto 21

Stage 1: Excitement
When you first have the idea of solotraveling everything is still new and exciting. You probably go online, buy heaps of travel books, Lonely Planets and you do your research. Where do I want to go? What do I want to see? – This stage is super exciting. You discover many many many things and you can not wait to go out there and to explore. At some point you book your tickets and you start counting the days. 100 days left. 50 days left. 30 days left- and well, what do you know- at some point you will wake up and it will be the day your solo journey starts- and than it kicks in.

Stage 2: Fear
FEAR! Fear for the unknown. Fear of leaving your comfortzone- out in to the big big world. Alone for the first time. Many things go through your head. Am I well prepared? Do I have my passport? Wait, is my passport still valid (you probably checked this a gazillion times already) Do I have enough money for my journey? Will I miss my family and friends? You can feel a bit panicky and somehow the thing you were so excited about feels so scary-

Stage 3: Super duper happy
Even though you are scared, you still take the leap and you go on your journey. And the first few weeks are amazing. Like seriously, freaking amazing. You meet so many cool people from all over the world, you make new friends for life. You see things that look like they come straight out of a Travel magazine and you realize that those pictures in the magazines actually are not photoshopped. It is really THAT beautiful. You are having the time of your life. You go partying with your new friends, you hang out at the beach with them, you go shopping, sporting, hiking- everything that your heart desires, you are doing it. You have never felt so free. You find yourself crying sometimes. For no reason. Just because you are so happy – you have a new appreciation for life. Everything is going so well. A bit too well perhaps?

Stage 4: Loneliness & homesick
And there it is. Those happy tears turn in to sad tears. You start crying again, but this time because you are sad. The people that you have met along the way, they all continue their journey and you find yourself to be alone again. You start missing your parents, your friends, your close ones back at home. You see pictures of them on Facebook, birthdays, weddings, graduationparties- all different things that you are missing. You start to wonder if you made the right choice – should I go back home? What am I doing here? At some point you might even drive yourself crazy a bit and you can feel a bit lost.

Stage 5: Stronger
Trust me, stage 4 is something every traveler will go trough at some point in their travels. Especially if they are on the road for a longer period of time. And it is good. That stage is so essential to you, my dear traveler. It will help you to become stronger. To realize what is important in life and what is less important in life. You might have a new found respect and love for your loved ones back at home but you also realize that traveling is something that just makes you so  happy that you would like to continue. You have this new found confidence because with the breakdowns at stage 4, you have learned so much about yourself. You have learned how to comfort yourself and how to be alone without feeling lonely. Congratulations my fellow solotraveler, you have become stronger (perhaps without even knowing it).

Stage 6: Balanced and happy
Yeah, you are back to being happy. You feel more balanced now that you have gone through stage 4+5 and it really helped you to gain a lot of new insights. You realize that while traveling people will come and go, you will learn how to love and to let to easily. While it will still be hard, you realize that goodbyes are not forever. You will enjoy other peoples company and you will make new friends. You will continue to explore and discover the globe piece by piece and you will make memories for life. At this point you will have grown so much that when you look back at the person who started this journey you can barely recognize this person. You are a better version of your self. You feel balanced and happy.

Stage 7: #bossasstraveller 
Congrationlations! You have become a #bossasstraveler. You will have graced all the stages of solotraveling by yourself in a beautiful way. You are strong, independent, a survivor. You have learned that nothing in life is easy but that you are able to cope with everything. You have learned so much about yourself, about your lovedones and what distance can do to your relationships. You will have learned so much from your ‘new’ friends too and you realize that when you are out traveling you can fall in all of the stages above in a random order and that that will be okay too. There will be days where you are lonely and you will miss your friends and family back home- but you also do realize that that feeling of loneliness won’t last forever. You will have ups and downs but you will know how to become the happy traveler you know you are!
Traveling is definitely the best gift you can give your self. Don’t let anything stop you. Don’t fear the unknown, just go for it!


For more information about (solo) traveling follow my Instagram:


How traveling helped me to kick my depression’s ass

“Not all those who wander are lust, but some of us are, and that is okay’ –

Hey lovely people,

After I wrote a post about dealing with my depression back in October 2015 I was approached by so many people asking me questions about how I did this and it opened a big door of people sharing their story with my. I was honored and felt blessed that so many of you opened up to me and shared their story. If you have missed this post you can read it here: *Click!

Before I continue this post I do would like to say that depression is something that you should take seriously. You should never be ashamed to get and /or ask for help. Traveling has helped me to deal and to beat my depression- how ever, every story is different and everyone is different. This is something that has helped me and I hope it can do the same for you.

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-02 om 08.38.26

So I hope you are ready for my store cause here it is.

I was living a fabulous expat life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I had an amazing job, a hot boyfriend, a succesful freelance company. My weekends were filled with trips to tropical destinations, going to the most fancy restaurants, the most luxurious beachclubs in Bali, Langkawi, Thailand. And if I felt like shopping I would go to one of the many malls in KL or fly over to Singapore for a day- Why? Because I could. I had and have a great family and great friends but still- I felt very empty. I knew that I had some issues from my past that I never really got over but I kept running away from them.

I seeked out help and got my self a life coach in Kuala Lumpur. This coach helped me a lot and she made me realize that I really had to get my hands dirty and that I had to work on my issues in order to be able to move forward in life.

After a few sessions with her I realized that I really had to do something because after the sessions I felt great but than the next day I felt sad again. I was living in one of the most vibrant cities in the world and I noticed that I started to spend more time in my appartment. In bed. With the curtains closed. Eating. Drinking. And feeling completely and utterly shitty.13006725_516652785208347_4876792966861348160_n

You can not imagine how it feels to be completely alone in a dark room with your own thoughts. With your dark thoughts- Or perhaps you can relate to my story and you can imagine it. I started to feel shittier by the day and where I was a star at keeping up appearences at some point I even failed at that.

I knew that something had to change. But where did I start? I had no clue.
One thing I had learned when I was younger was that nomatter how shit I felt, that if I went to my ‘happy place’ I instantly would feel a bit better. So I decided to create new happy places. I left my familiar life in KL behind and I started to travel throughout Asia. For once in a very very very long time I did something I had not done in years. I chose me. 

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-30 om 21.16.26The beginning was really weird. There were days where I did not know what to do or where to go but I just kept going. I visited cities that were unfamiliar to me and it was freaking scary but I still knew that I had to do it. I forced myself every day to get up and to see something or do something I had never done before and it had a weird but positive effect on me.
Where once I did not want to live anymore, now I started slowely but surely to love life again. I traveled to the most beautiful destinations and saw the most amazing things. I met people. Great people. People with their own story and people that inspired me so much. Every day was a battle. But I became a soldier. A soldier in my own war against my self and I was starting to beat myself in this war. How weird it may sound. I started to become stronger and stronger and I started to appreciate life again.

Things that I remember vividly that helped me was the freedom I felt when I was riding my scooter in Bali. With the wind through my hair, riding amongst the boulevard in Kuta or on a undiscovered path somewhere in Jimbaran- I felt happy. With nothing more with me than my bike and my sunglasses- I just felt so much joy. I remember watching all those beautiufl sunsets that are so magical in Asia. Pink skies. Blue Skies. Purple skies. Where these sunsets real? It all looked so photoshopped.
I remeber a boatride from one island to the other- Again with the wind in my hair, my face- something came over me. I started to cry for no reason, at least that is what I thought at that point. But I was such an emotional wreck- it had to come out at one point.

I cried so many times when I was traveling but I also snapped out of my sad modes quickly as time passed. I realized that I started to love my life again and that life could be so beautiful. It helped me to organize my thoughts and to strengthen myself and to finally start loving myself again.
Traveling definitely was key for me to beat my depression. It did not ‘just heal’ me. But it did help me to realize that there was so much more at this world that was worth living for. It reminded me that I should not give up on myself and that I was worth fighting for. Being alone on the road forced me to confront myself with my thoughts and to process these. It took me months to get there but I felt ready- I went back to Europe and I started therapy. Where traveling gave me great insights on me and my life, I did acknowledge that I needed the guidance to beat this thing entirely. So I started with therapy and it was the best decision I made in my life. And while looking back now I realize that without traveling the world, being a solotraveler, being a wanderluster I might not have reached that point. Or maybe I would have, but not that quickly. I was running away from my past for so long and those months out on the road forced me to be with me. My thoughts. And to work on them.

I can only hope that you can and will have the same experience if you are battling depression. Invissible diseases should be taken incredibly serious. Never feel ashamed of who you are or the thoughts that you have. Never feel too proud to ask for help. You are worth it. You are worth living a life where you are happy. You are worth discovering this beautiful globe and all the wonders that it has to offer. And perhaps one day you will wander the world again, without feeling lost. I know that I do exactly that now.

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